Nita Tolvanen is a Finnish advanced specialist in paediatric physiotherapy. She has more than 30 years of clinical experience in working with children of all ages+ adults with different kinds of functional disabilities (babies, neurological, orthopedic, pain, sports). She is lecturing on many different topics regarding motor development and pediatric physiotherapy. The desire to help all types of clients as well as possible has led to extensive further education (over 160 course credits) including NDT/Bobath + baby and being a Certified Fascial Manipulation Specialist since 2022.
Nita has used Fascial Manipulation in pediatric physiotherapy since 2013. She´s done an interview study “The experiences and additional benefits of applying fascial manipulation® Stecco method in neurological physiotherapy for children and adults” that has been presented at the AMF congress 2019 and as a poster at Fascial Research Society Congress in Montreal 2022 together with the Finnish FM teacher Tiina Lahtinen- Suopanki. In Finland there have been more than 10 FM level 1 and 2 courses that have been directed to therapist working with children/neurological patients. On all these courses Nita has shared her experiences on how to apply FM in this field. In this way she has done pioneering work. She has written a chapter on this topic in the book Fascial Manipulation from a practitioners view edited by Julie Ann Day